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These are the 10 'Essential Range' paints which will allow you to take Anna's beginner level tutorials. All are Winsor & Newton 5ml tubes:

Winsor Lemon   

  Payne’s Gray  

  Burnt Sienna

  Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)

  Permanent Sap Green

  Permanent Carmine

  Scarlet Lake

  Opera Rose

  Quinacridone Violet

  French Ultramarine


For drawing and tracing, I like to use a mechanical HB pencil with a 0.5mm lead.


A polymer eraser like this one is ideal for use on hot pressed paper.

Tracing Paper

In the watercolour tutorials I always supply a traceable line drawing so you can get painting straight away:

Tips on supplies from our members

Thousands of artists have been in your shoes before, feeling inspired to paint, but not sure of which supplies to start with. Here's advice from real members of our school:

“I started with what I had, student grade paint… and a very cheap paper. I very quickly learned that I would never use cheap grade paper again! I played with student paints for a while… What a HUGE difference in my final results by using Quality Paper and Artist grade Pigments!

Bottom line, my cheap paper, brushes and student grade paints sit in a drawer unused…. a waste of money and time….. I ask for paints, brushes and paper for Christmas and Birthday gifts.” - Nancy P

Quality of watercolor supplies are very important. I see it as an investment. Anna has chosen quality products and takes the guess work out of mixing colors. The paints last an amazingly long time.” - Sue

I started out with super-cheap paper and a watercolor set a neighbor lent me. Nothing high grade. My brushes were nothing special. But it was enough to get me started -and- enough to let me see that I had enough interest to justify an investment in the paper/paints/brushes you recommend.

Watercolor has to be about the least expensive hobby around! And every hobby requires some expenditure! I think some of these paints could last for years and years and years. It’s an investment I am delighted I made.” - Patrice

“I lead a reasonably frugal lifestyle and have many hobbies. I never buy coffee when I am out, and rarely go out to eat.

For instance, skipping two lattes equals one new tube of paint. This has allowed me to be able to afford quality supplies for my passion.” - Eileen

“I understand the reluctance to spend, especially if it’s a new hobby. You aren’t sure whether you’ll like it so don’t want to spend too much.

My view is that with watercolor, if you don’t spend and have the best materials you probably won’t do well and therefore won’t like it! It makes sense to set yourself up for success so that you can truly give it your best go. ” - Nancy

Watercolor is the cheapest hobby that I do. I initially bought everything you recommended and the brands you suggested. I still have many of the original paint tubes after years of use. I’m happy with the Winsor Newton Professional paints… I had one previous encounter with watercolor classes where student grade supplies and twice the number of paints were recommended. These were so unsatisfactory that I almost gave up the effort.

I’m so happy I found you online and with your supplies and guidance was able to achieve acceptable results from the beginning. For me the student grade supplies were a waste of money. Thank you for being considerate of our wallets!” - El-lott

“I had been taking an in person watercolor class at a local art school so I had certain supplies already. Once I signed up for your online school everything changed! In my humble opinion once you use amazing paper and once you use quality paint and brushes it really makes a HUGE difference...

I find I get amazing results when I use exactly what you say and do things exactly how you instruct. I am more confident and find I can use all your techniques on my own paintings but I do believe it is due to good, quality supplies.” - Cindy

“[I agree it’s] important for beginners to have good paper and professional paints from the start. It’s so easy to be demotivated and put ‘failures’ down to perceived lack of talent when you have actually been let down by the products used.

One tip – if you regularly buy other products from Amazon (and you are not a Prime member) and your basket does not reach the value to qualify for free delivery, try putting a tube of paint in your basket. Rather than pay the delivery charge, this might tip the basket over the line to qualify for free delivery. You pay the same, but you get a ‘free’ tube of paint paid for by Amazon ????” - David

Expand your kit

Once you've got the painting bug, it can be fun to expand your beginner kit with extra paints, a palette, paper, an easel and even a daylight lamp.