What members say...

Come and meet some Nature Studio members and find out how they feel about the progress they've made. Watch their stories in the videos, and check out the painting results they've been getting when they feel confident from the tutorials to paint independently.

Meet Cintia...

"Even when you're following a tutorial, your signature comes through, and when you start trying your own subjects, that will come through as well."

Jackie's first solo...

"My first solo, no tutorial, fly by the seat of my pants painting! Lessons: schedule time, trust the process (I can't tell you how many times I almost threw this one away) and don't compare your work to others... this is my journey and I want to enjoy it!"

Jackie Knight
Judith Thompson

Judith's first solo painting...

"I painted this Agapanthus from a photo I took. I wanted to give up on it halfway through…but had the confidence to persevere after watching the tutorials. I had dabbled in watercolour and always longed to achieve a better result. The simple secrets of your technique have helped and encouraged me. I’ve had so much joy from all I’ve learned."

Wayne's story

"I was at a level when I couldn't paint any better. [Becoming a member] immediately added impact to my paintings. The quality of painting I'm putting out now, I'm extremely pleased with"

This is Angela...

"Anna showing me what to look out for and how to see different hues and tones has helped me improve my art... The skills that I've learned are transferrable to other things too... because now I can see things differently."

Casy's first solo painting...

"I completed my first solo painting 5 months after becoming a member... Although I would change things about the painting now, I am happy with it. There is no way I would have been to paint my solo project before joining."

Gail Curtis

Gail's first 'solo' painting...

"I drew as a young child and my mother thought I had talent. However, I ended up as CEO... I have never had an art lesson and started with an art teacher here who tried to push me into oil painting. Then I found Nature Studio and it literally changed my life. I give all credit to your teaching skills and wonderful tutorials for developing my artistic side. It has been fun, enlightening and a joyous experience. Look forward to developing as an artist for the sheer joy of it..."

Khanh's story

"All of my paintings before joining looked unrealistic... Anna's method has totally changed my painting journey. The other important thing is the way she changed my feelings about painting. [Anna taught me] not to aim for the result, but to enjoy the process."

Ginger Burke

Ginger's first 'solo' painting...

"I started watercolor... by watching YouTube tutorials. And I quickly became obsessed with this medium. I joined Nature Studio in May  and did my first solo painting [two months later] in July."

Julia's first solo painting...

"I started looking for watercolor instructions and found Nature Studio! For the rest of my life, I’ll be forever thanking you for sharing your time, skills, insights & building such a wonderful community... I joined in early September... my first solo was [the next] January."

Julia Ingram

Watch Nadia's story

"I can see how my paintings have improved and it's great to hear other people say that they can see how my skills have improved."

This is Renato...

"I had been painting [before joining Nature Studio], but no results that appealed to me... I can say that I love many of the things that I paint now, especially when sometimes the result... looks like I can pick them out of the paper... I never thought I'd be able to do something like that in my life."

Meet Tricia...

"Before I was a member of Nature Studio, I was paintings things... but the depth and 3D wasn't there. They didn't come to life. But now, I feel they come to life."

Syndy's first solo painting...

"My first solo painting was after 3 months and about as many tutorials...  I’d been searching for information and instruction, attended a couple of classes with different people (costing more than an annual membership!) and they just didn’t do it for me. I was so excited to have painted this Aussie icon. I love painting our native animals and birds. I’ve sold a couple of prints from the professional scan, so I’m very humbled and happy with what I’ve learned and been apply to apply across a number of personal projects. Thank you Anna."


Lisa's first solo...

"[When I saw these] beautiful peppers, I thought "I have to paint these!" I snapped a picture for when I felt ready. [Painting them] was a fitting milestone as it marks one year of [Nature Studio membership]. I'm very grateful to Anna for demystifying the process of painting and making it so accessible to the inexperienced. I would never have imagined attempting anything like this before!"

Helen's first 'solo' painting...

"Despite a love of art as a child, the means and opportunities were not available to me... Fast forward to retirement... lurking close to the surface there was much doubt and insecurity. I never painted or practiced any art all these years. But I needed to try. I’ve learned so much more than technique. You’ve given back my confidence. Thank you Anna."

Helen Goldring

Lane's first solo...

"This is my first solo watercolor after starting your tutorials. I joined Nature Studio after the pandemic started. I am new to watercolors as a painter despite having been a high school art teacher and professional portrait painter. I always painted in oils (very different!). Watercolor intimidated me. I tend toward realism so was ecstatic to find your [classes] online… I am learning so much! Thank you!"

This is Vanya's story

"I chose Anna to be my teacher and subscribed to [Nature Studio]. That was a great decision... because I've been able to master my skills. It turned out the language barrier wasn't such a problem for me."

Jill Buckley

Jill's first solo ...

"I tried watercolour painting over the years and failed miserably every time. That is, until I came across your method. Beyond the techniques I am learning from your tutorials, I have also learned that sometimes it’s the teacher that makes all the difference."


Suzanne's first 'solo' painting...

"I saw some of Anna’s work on line and loved it. When I realized there were classes I could do at home, I really wanted to do it... I had an idea for a painting for a while. After joining I thought: just maybe I could paint it now... So [3 months after joining], I started. I also had family obligations to take care of and the painting traveled across country with me... I absolutely loved getting lost in the painting. Time would fly... I love all I’ve learned. I am so thankful to be part of this positive minded learning process. [Nature Studio] is great!"

Suzanne Matthews

A few more words from members...

"I have always loved drawing and painting - and put that love on hold for 40+ years. Finally I am doing what I love. I feel like I am returning to myself."

"[The biggest benefit membership has brought me is] having a method to learn and follow has ensured transferable skills. I now have the confidence to branch out to paint my own subjects."

"[The biggest benefit of joining Nature Studio was] giving me a passion that glows in my head all day at work while I wait for the evening to come around so that I can paint again."

"I was surprised at the quality of paintings I was able to create so early on in my painting journey thanks to the tutorials."

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