How have members transformed their skills?

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Often when members join Nature Studio, they very quickly notice a big transformation in the painting results they can achieve, just from following the classes.

Here are just a few of their real life stories, photos, and their advice to you.

Carol says: "I’ve completed many tutorials but I’ve also had the confidence to go it alone!"

"After signing up for the free pear tutorial on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I sat at my dining table. I used the “wrong” paper, brushes and paints but I managed to produce a pear that actually looked like a pear and ‘leapt off the page’. From then on I was hooked, joined Nature Studio and made sure I paint or draw (almost) every day.

I’ve completed many tutorials but I’ve also had the confidence to go it alone! I still sit at the dining table (but I now use the recommended paper, brushes and paints). So, if you’re nervous of starting to paint, give it a go – you may surprise yourself! The first Iris I painted [before joining Nature Studio] in March 2022, the second one I painted [independently] in August 2023, about 7 months after joining.

There’s an amazing supportive and encouraging community here, and whatever the outcome, if you enjoy it, then that’s the only reason you need!"

Before joining:


After 7 months of membership:


Michiyo says: “I’m so lucky to have such a passion in my 50’s. This is an unexpected gift in my life.”

"I joined Nature Studio about 1.5 years ago, without any experience or knowledge on painting. I was not especially ambitious. It seemed nice to relax and learn painting flowers online, because I was quite stressed with work and family matters then.

But soon I found it a very important choice for me. I really enjoyed Anna’s tutorial and my own paintings, and it became a part of my personal life. Comments from Anna and other members that they liked my work made me so glad. My family were also glad and encouraged me a lot.

And a little by little, these experiences have made me more serious about painting. Now I know I really love botanical paintings. I want to learn more to improve my skills to be better at it. I think I’m so lucky to have such a passion in my 50’s. This is an unexpected gift in my life. It’s all thanks to Anna and Community members in the world. I can’t thank you too much."

"Those blue violas are what I drew before joining Nature Studio."


"I painted the orange one [independently] about 9 months after joining."


Nancy says: "This is self-care defined!"

You don’t need talent to do what you see here”. It’s true! Like playing a musical instrument, painting requires a set of skills that can be learned. It’s in practicing those skills that you develop your own unique talent. Anna’s method offers a clear path to anyone who has the desire to learn, practice and grow. This is self care defined!

The tulips are before Anna, the rose is after, a year later.

Before joining:

Nancy Before



After 1 year of membership:

Nancy After

Amber says: "It’s been the best money I have spent on myself in a long while."

"I started painting with watercolors at the beginning of the pandemic, as a way to focus and fill time at home inside. Before joining Nature Studio I would search YouTube for small tutorials that I felt I could ‘handle’. You can see the poppies below. I was pretty pleased with the poppies considering I didn’t really know what I was doing. But that’s just the thing – I believed I had to start ‘small’, and only attempt very minimal projects. After I did Anna's pear tutorial I knew I could do more and felt more confident in my ability to not only look at, but identify tone and hue. It took some time before I actually became a member though. In fact, I gifted membership to my best friend before joining myself. But now we are painting together, enjoying the process, and honing our skills. I love the community you have built and how deeply engaged everyone is. The ability to provide and receive feedback is invaluable. Thank you so much for everything you do! It’s been the best money I have spent on myself in a long while. Joining Nature Studio has been a real source of self-care as well as boosting my confidence, concentration, and determination. "

Amber's painting before:

Amber Before

And her with her artwork since joining:

Amber's After

Anne says: "And yes, you can do this too!"

“Here I am with my “before” and “after” paintings. Yikes, what a difference! And yes, you can do this too!

Before becoming a member, I struggled to use the loose watercolor style that people in my evening class were striving for. I kept wanting to control the paint and add more detail. When I found Nature Studio, I realised I had been trying to go against my instincts. My brain wants details, and finding someone who can teach me how to work with that tendency, rather than against it, has changed my whole approach to painting. The fact that Anna specialises in paintings of plants and animals makes Nature Studio a perfect fit. I could not be more appreciative. Give it a try, and surprise yourself."

Anne with her before and after paintings:

Anne's Before and After

Colin says: "My friends have been astounded by my progress."

"Honestly, at school I was incompetent at art. In 2018 for the first time ever I took a sketchbook on a holiday and produced the elephant drawing (below) which I was pretty happy with. Then when covid arrived I bought some paints and started painting. The pelicans were a copy of a painting on a motel wall.

Finally I stumbled upon Nature Studio and did the free pear tutorial. This gave me the first instructions of a method to paint. I have followed a number of tutorials since and have then used the tutorials to do a few of my own paintings.

I never expected to reach a level where I would be proud to show anyone my paintings, and now I am able to put my paintings up in my work-place. My friends have been astounded by my progress. I never thought I would be capable of something as detailed as the hummingbird.

I would assure anyone who is afraid to start, that anyone can learn the skills with Anna’s teaching and that you don't need a natural talent to achieve results you will be proud of. The kind feedback from the community is great and encouraging.

I never anticipated art would become a hobby for me, and surprised how relaxed it makes me feel."

Colin with his artwork before joining (left) and recent progress (right):


Before joining: Colin's first ever artwork in 2018:

Colin Before

Shanna says: "painting is now part of my life"

"I am very proud to be a member as I have learned so much from Anna that painting is now part of my life. Anna’s methods and techniques are so skillful and effective that they have changed my way of painting after two years! These before and after paintings say it all!"

Before joining:

student results - before joining

After 2 years of membership:

student results - after 2 years

Renato says: "I've learned not to give up on a painting"

"I’ve learned so much since I joined Nature Studio! That shadows have colours! That hues are not the same for everybody.. and much more. Most of all I’ve learned not to give up on a painting, the ugly duckling stage can be longer than in the tutorials and persistence and patience can get you there. I’ll share with you a painting I did before becoming a member, and one of my latest."

Renato's work before:

Renato 1

And his artwork since becoming a member:

Renato 2

Miyako says: "I’m really grateful to Anna for teaching me so clearly and in an easy-to-understand manner."

"Recently, I have had my paintings framed and displayed on the walls of friends and relatives’ homes. A friend of a friend saw the painting, liked it, and ordered it from me. I never thought that people would be happy to see the pictures I drew. 

Until 10 months ago, I didn’t really understand how to apply color, but I’m really grateful to Anna for teaching me so clearly and in an easy-to-understand manner.

I hope to be able to draw something that will move people who look at my drawings even just a little bit. Just as I was deeply moved when I saw Anna’s painting.

I want to continue this wonderful time for as long as possible, so a morning walk is part of my routine."

Before joining:


After 10 months of membership:


Dorothy says: "There is no dearth of love and support here"

"I started painting with Anna about 4 years ago. I never believed I was capable of taking a brush and creating something on paper. Anna was recommended to me by a friend so I tried a free class she had online. I was shocked that it actually looked good, and I LOVED the realistic look, as I was always drawn to watercolors but had no idea they were capable of producing such beautiful realism.

Although I do have the personality that constantly questions whether I am making any progress or if my work is becoming art or just a nice hobby – I do feel I have made progress.

I am a firm believer in constantly continuing my education. Anna, her team and this community are the perfect mix. There is no dearth of love and support here, and this has enabled me to go from stressed out, mentally exhausted basic beginner to a somewhat more confident “painter,” hoping to someday achieve the self-ordained title of “artist.”

Although it was a very frightening transition to move from very specific instruction to taking my own photos, picking and choosing and altering them and then painting them, here is my beginning and my latest – and I am pretty proud of it. I am grateful for continued edification and inspiration from Nature Studio."

Dorothy's first painting:


And a recent artwork, 3.5 years after joining as a member:


Sharon says: "The lessons never end"

"Hi Folks, I joined in 2019 and continue to learn with each lesson. Here is a comparison of a dragonfly I painted in 2016 before I became a member, and in 2020 one year after I joined. Good luck to all members, new and existing. The lessons never end!"

Before joining:

Sharon 1

After 1 year of membership:

Sharon 2

Terese says: "The calm and measured step by steps really helped to ground me"

"I’ve been fumbling around in art for years. I leaned towards coloured pencils because they seemed “safer” to me than watercolour which I thought was very unpredictable and uncontrollable.
I became a member a few years back and then when my husband passed away unexpectedly, the calm and measured step by steps really helped to ground me. I suggest you keep your artwork, regardless of how you think it turned out because it can be evidence that you are coming along and improving!"

Terese's strawberry before:

Terese Before


Terese Profile Pic

And her strawberry since becoming a member:

Terese After

Ann says: "I'm here for good!"

"I would highly recommend anyone joining. In fact I spoke to two people this week interested in starting to paint. They were really impressed with Nature Studio & all it has to offer & my paintings too!

I have been a member for over 3yrs & had been painting for many years before joining. However, your method was new to me & felt very much a newbie. Deciding to start at the beginning & work through the levels – which gave me new skills with each tutorial. My aim was to paint the Pink Rose & the Peonies in a Chinese Bowl, which realistically would be sometime off but a goal…

You make the tutorials easy to understand & your teaching skills are second to none Anna. Nature Studio offers much more than just learning to paint. We have a community from around the world too! I am in touch with several members/friends from different countries. I’m here for good! Do come & join us – you will be most welcome."

Before joining:

Ann 1

Hello Ann!


Since her membership:

Ann 2

Debbie says: "When my family brags on my talent I almost feel dishonest."

"I have some even worse “before” paintings (much worse) but since I just finished the strawberry tutorial I thought I’d share it. Anna’s strawberry painting was the one I most wanted to finish when I joined as a member. Even after finishing several other tutorials this one still intimidated me. I finally started it and life got in the way and it was quite a while before I came back to it. I had to remind myself again to “trust the process” as Anna says. And, sure enough, step by step, this shiny strawberry appeared on the paper. When my family brags on my talent I almost feel dishonest. It’s really just shapes and colors that, if you stick with it, actually will turn into something you can be proud of."

Debbie's strawberries before:

Debbie Before


Debbie Profile Pic

And her strawberry since becoming a member:

Debbie After

Leslie says: "Best has been the video demonstrations of beginning to end of the painting process"

"Years ago, I took a watercolor 101 class at the local college. All the students were at least 20 years younger than me AND much more skilled. It was embarrassing to see my effort lined up next to theirs at the end of class... 

The most helpful thing to be about being a member of Nature Studio is Anna’s methodical tutorials, constant repetition of key artistic concepts like hue or color and their adjusting, tone or value and how to achieve them, how to tidy up edges, add details, the importance of a steady hand and sharpness, difference between a wash, layer and stippling, all have been important to my improvement. But best has been the video demonstrations of beginning to end of the painting process which I watch in portions or entirety, then attempt on my own. I strive for achieving value distinction and form instead of matching hue. Training my eye/brain to SEE these differences and then mastering hand eye coordination has taken many hours of repetition."



Before joining:

Leslie Before

Since her membership:

Leslie After

Josephine says:

"I’ve certainly learnt a lot about painting flowers and leaves since becoming a member in 2020. Sunflower and leaves painted in 2019, before joining. Leaves and hydrangea petals painted in 2021, following Anna’s tutorials. Thank you Anna for your excellent teaching skills."

Before joining:

Josephine 2

Since taking the tutorials:

Josephine 1

Teresa says: "I really enjoy painting again!"

"After MANY years of not producing art, I sat down and painted this cardinal. It was fun but it definitely needed improvement. I started practicing and was unhappy with the way my paintings were turning out. I stumbled across a beautiful strawberry painting on Instagram. I had to find out more about the artist! I found Anna Mason and then to my great delight found she was teaching online! I had to join! I painted the free pear and then, as they say, the rest is history. Anna’s method takes practice and I’m still learning with each painting I try. I feel like I have learned so much. My paintings aren’t perfect but the method has helped me gain more confidence and try varied subjects. I really enjoy painting again!"

Before joining:

Teresa Before Cardinal



After joining:

Teresa After

Lynn says: "I had no experience with watercolors when I joined"

"I had no experience with watercolors when I joined Nature Studio at the recommendation of a friend. Something about Anna’s teaching style and method just clicked for me. Watercolor painting has become almost a meditative experience for me and when I’m painting that’s all I’m thinking about. A year and a half into my membership, I’m painting my own subjects (mostly birds) but plan to continue with membership for the community, invaluable resources, and new content. Enjoy your watercolor journey!"

An early school tutorial by Lynn:

Lynn early tutorial



And 18 months on, her own painting:

Lynn After

Peggy says: "We have made monumental progress over a year"

"I paint with 2 other ladies on Thursdays at my house. I recruited them!! They are part of this marvellous community... This would not have happened without Anna and the fantastic support from the team and wonderful tutorials starting from the very beginning."


"We paint at different levels. We enjoy each others achievements and we share our work freely. We have made monumental progress over a year together. All three of us started at mostly beginner level painting. We are in awe at the level we are painting now. Our eyes and muscle memory are so much more advanced to see and paint. We are so grateful!"

Violet says: "I saw examples of other members work and thought that if they could do that after joining, maybe I could too."

"I was so excited when I found Nature Studio, it was just what I was wanting to do! I saw examples of other members work and thought that if they could do that after joining, maybe I could too.

When I got the free pear tutorial I watched the whole thing and was very impressed with Anna’s clear instructions and video. I painted it after I joined and was so amazed! I continued following the tutorials and surprised myself. I would think the painting would not turn out, but I kept going, following Anna’s instructions, and it did turn out! Thank you Anna for creating such a wonderful place to learn!"

1. "Before discovering Nature Studio."

Violet 1

2. "After watching the free videos on YouTube and the website."

Violet 2

3. "After joining and following the tutorials!"

Violet 3

Saran says: "the fun is in the process, and learning every time"

"I have learned so much from Anna’s tutorials. Her techniques just clicked with me. Pumpkin from just 2 years ago and my latest of arctic iris. I also think that it’s important not to focus on getting it exactly the same as the tutorial. It’s still your interpretation of how you see and experience the painting and the fun is in the process, and learning every time."

An early painting from 2 years ago:

Saran 1

A recent advanced-level tutorial painting:

Saran 2

Di says: "I signed up as a member and I was away!"

"To anyone considering joining Nature Studio, I can only say, “Give it a go!” I had always wished I could paint and believed that I would never be able to. A client showed me a painting she had bought from someone who had started painting at age 78 and so I thought there was hope for me."

"I bought a book on watercolour painting and some cheap paints and paper. I signed up as a member and I was away! I can’t say I’ve never struggled and I’m painfully slow, but it’s a journey I love, and I will be indebted forever to Anna and her team. Some of the paintings by accomplished artists can perhaps be intimidating but they are also SO inspiring. Posting your work online is great because Anna, her team and fellow members are so positive and encouraging and team members give good, constructive tips when it can help your work. The tulip I painted in Jan 2021, 2 months after joining Nature Studio and I’ve continued to flourish ????"


Linda says: "Joining Nature Studio was the best thing I’ve done to improve my watercolour skills."

"I joined Nature Studio because I wanted my paintings to be more realistic. I have noticed an improvement, and because of that, I will likely always be a member. It’s also a very calming, relaxing time while painting, especially while painting all the details. My paintings may not always turn out the way I want, but I learn so much and remember for the next attempt. Anna, her team and other members always provide helpful advice and inspiration too. Joining Nature Studio was the best thing I’ve done to improve my watercolour skills. I’m still learning, and I love it!"

Linda's painting from before:

Linda Before

Linda's painting after joining:

Linda After

Pamela says: "It’s allowed me to express myself through my art & given me solace at times of illness."

"I’ve been painting off & on for years . Taking courses in the classroom with instructors & online .I kept striving for a teacher that would explain things in more depth as they went along. Anna is that teacher! She is a phenomenal artist who shares her talent & wisdom.
She continually tries to improve Nature Studio by adding new teachers, courses etc. Her attention to detail & her guidance from a beginner level to a more experienced one is invaluable. Joining almost 8 years ago has benefited me in extraordinary ways. It’s allowed me to express myself through my art & given me solace at times of illness. I’d highly recommend anyone looking for a wonderful experience in watercolour teaching to join us ????"

Pamela's work before becoming a member:

Pamela Before

The progress she's made:

Pamela After

Clara says: "My paintings have improved by leaps and bounds"

"I was a C-grade student in art lessons in school. As such, I gave up drawing and painting after high school, believing that art is not my forte.

I joined as a member... in April 2020, and have never looked back since. My paintings have improved by leaps and bounds, and now I could paint fruits, flora and fauna with much confidence. I would not have come this far without the valuable lessons and techniques that Anna has so generously imparted in her tutorials. The support from Anna’s team and the encouraging comments from other members on my paintings have also played a huge part in making my art journey a wonderful experience. I’m so glad to have found Anna Mason and being part of the Nature Studio community."

Before joining:

Clara 1

Since learning with us:

Clara 2

Monika D says: "Nature Studio membership has definitely helped me on my watercolor journey"

"I started doing watercolor during covid and I struggle to find time to paint sometimes but Nature Studio membership has definitely helped me on my watercolor journey."

Monika D's work before:

Monika D 1

Her work since learning with us:

Monika D 2

Karen says: "when I take a moment to look back at what I was creating before I joined, I am amazed"

"I have learned so much from being a part of this community. I am often hard on myself and judgmental about my paintings, but when I take a moment to look back at what I was creating before I joined, I am amazed.

You can see the difference between my lady slipper orchids and my cupcake. No need to tell you which one is more recent. ????

Anyone can learn how to paint. My time spent painting is relaxing, fulfilling, and joyful. Thanks, Anna."

Karen L

Monika B: "I became self confident"

"As I started painting on my own, I became quickly frustrated. I tried the free pear tutorial from Annas webpage and started straight away with the membership. I learned a lot of things I never heard about, shadows, mixing colours etc. And, the most important thing, I became self-confident. I started sketching, mixing colours and today I love painting and to be a member of Nature Studio."

Monika D's work before becoming a member:

monika b 1

The progress she's made:

Monika b 2

Barbara says: "I now have the confidence and skills to paint my own pictures "

“I have been doing crafts and a bit of painting for many years. When I retired I really wanted to invest my time in watercolor. I have spent a lot of time practicing and painting pictures from others that I like. It wasn’t until I found Nature Studio, however, that I now have the confidence and skills to paint my own pictures from my own photos. Of course I still learn from every tutorial and painting that I do. One painting of a sunset for a friend had seven renditions before I was satisfied enough to show her! Anna’s techniques definitely led to success on that project.

Paper that works for you and professional paints are the key to part of your success – determination is the other part! Don’t be too hard on yourself - over time you will learn the process and how to ‘save’ a painting when needed. I have attached a poppy from before becoming a member, and a recent painting of my own clematis. Happy journey!"

Barbara before
barbara 1

Marisa says: "I had no idea that I could really paint"

"I joined a couple of years ago and I’m very happy with the tutorials because I had no idea that I could really paint.

Here are some birds [top] I tried to paint before joining Nature Studio, and the kingfisher tutorial [bottom] I finished recently."


Buffy says:

"Anna’s tutorials have definitely trained my eye to see details and color variations. It’s been a real pleasure to develop new skills and create paintings I’m proud of."

Before joining us:


Progress after 4 months as a member:


Janet says: "My paintings have vastly improved but the best bit is how much I love, LOVE painting"

"I am showing two paintings one I did before joining, and a recent one. I dabbled in watercolour for a few years, painting now and then without any degree of real enjoyment. Covid and lock downs came and I needed a distraction. I had one of Anna’s books and just thought I could never paint remotely like her. It took me a while to take the plunge and join, but I did. Whilst I absolutely accept that I couldn’t compare myself to a wonder like Anna I do accept that my paintings have vastly improved but the best bit is how much I love, LOVE painting. I have even felt sufficiently pleased with some pictures to give them as gifts to family. I would always encourage anyone to give it a go, it was the best thing I did in years!"

Janet with her after and before paintings:

Janet Before and After

Yvonne says: "The last time I had picked up a paintbrush was in school."

"My story is a little different as the last time I had picked up a paintbrush (before finding one of Anna’s tutorial’s) was in school. So I have no prior paintings to show but I thought you might like to see how my skills have developed. The rose on the right is the very first of Anna's tutorials I did before I joined Nature Studio and I was very happy with it. The larger and bolder rose on the left is the Constance which I did earlier this year, when I first joined I would never have even considered tackling it but I am so glad I did as I get so many compliments on it."

Yvonne's first tutorial, and her most recent one.

Yvonne's Roses